Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fickle Theatre: "2011 Awards for Stuff Awards"

Man, I miss 2011 already, don't you? I'm especially nostalgic for all of those "best of the year" lists. So now that it's kind of retro to do that, here is a chart of the best movies and television of the year, the worst movies and television of the year, and also a drawing of a dinosaur.

In fact, I love list-making so much, that here is an extended list of awards that I didn't feel like drawing pictures of:
  • What? Award: Rubber
  • What? Award, runner-up: Super
  • Best superhero movie: X-Men: First Class (not that it had any competition)
  • Worst movie, runner-up: Transformers 3
  • I don't know a single person who saw: Pirates of the Caribbean 4
  • Best new TV show: Homeland
  • Best individual TV episodes:
    • Breaking Bad: "Crawl Space" (also "Face Off")
    • Louie: "Duckling" (also "Oh Louie/Tickets")
    • Community: "Remedial Chaos Theory" (also "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking")
    • Parks & Recreation: "Li'l Sebastian" (also "Flu Season")
    • Curb Your Enthusiasm: "Vow of Silence" (also "Palestinian Chicken")
    • Childrens Hospital: "Newsreaders" (also "A Play in Three Acts")
    • NTSF:SD:SUV::: "The Risky Business of Being Alone in your Home"
    • South Park: "You're Getting Old"
    • The Office: "Goodbye, Michael"
    • Homeland: "The Weekend"
    • Dexter: "This is the Way the World Ends" made me laugh harder than any other episode this season, so let's go with that one
  • I am crazy excited for: Looper

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