Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cool School: Like School, But Cooler

Cool School is like regular school, but with rocking-and-rolling antelopes, wars between farmers and aliens, clowns that are terrible drivers, and big bad wolves that have big bad indigestion—so, you know, it's cooler. And it's so cool that its name rhymes.

Which is pretty cool.

I do all the art for these cartoons: the backgrounds, the characters, the chroma-keying, the Batman-style "wham"s and "pow"s, the animation, and more. Here's a recent one about baseball, guitar heroics, and professionalism:

Here is another one about the importance of visiting your grandparents, condiments to use when cooking an old lady, and the dangers of eating more than three Twinkies in a short period of time:

And finally, here is one of many math problems, about alien invasions, types of seeds, and strategies for defending your farm. (I mean that this is just one of many math problems. I don't mean that there are many math problems about farm defense):

Anyway, Cool School is just getting started, and it's only going to get cooler in the future! You can see the rest of the current episodes on the YouTube channel, but there's more to come.

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