Friday, January 20, 2012

Plot Twists

As everyone knows, the best part of any story is the ending. And as everyone also knows, the best part of any ending is the shocking twist that you never see coming. Writing entire stories takes a while, however. So to save you some time, I'm writing endings with the boring beginnings and middles cut out. You can find more on Twitter at @PlotTwists, but here are a few:

The "X" on the treasure map is just a typo.

The family discovers that their brand new burial ground is haunted because it was built on the remains of an old house.

Martin finds out that he was never able to have children because he's a reverse orphan.

The two babies were switched at birth, switched again right before they left the hospital, and switched again right before they graduated from college.

In the end, it turns out that the monster was just CGI.

The hero realizes that the name of the town spelled backwards is really hard to pronounce.

The man with a split personality was actually two separate people the entire time.

The most dangerous game turns out to be shuffleboard.

After catching the ghost pirate in a trap, the gang takes off his mask and reveals that the murderer was just good old high cholesterol in disguise.

The aliens eventually die because they're allergic to bullets.

The mole in the CIA is revealed to actually be a groundhog.

The heroes finally vanquish all of the garlic by using a vampire.

The two kids pretending to be an adult by standing on each others shoulders were actually just one tall guy wearing a trench coat.

The hero gets amnesia and forgets that it was all a dream.

The man hiding in the backseat of Lisa's car was just popping up to warn her about that annoying trucker who keeps flashing his headlights on and off.

The superhero's secret identity is another superhero.

The man behind the curtain is just a tourist who got lost while looking for the bathroom and accidentally wandered into an employees-only area.

Again, there are more on @PlotTwists. Full disclosure: part of the reason that I'm doing this is that I found out that the Twitter name "PlotTwists" wasn't taken, and I don't want to let that name go to waste.

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