Friday, May 6, 2011

Mixed Media Animation

I took a Mixed Media Animation class this semester, mostly because I wanted to force myself to get out of my hand-drawn frame-by-frame computer-animation comfort-zone. Here are some of the results!

The goal of this assignment was to first make a 15-second soundtrack by editing together different music, sound effects, and dialogue clips. I ended up trying to make something which sounded "cold," and then matched it with photos, scanned textures, and drawings. I hope it's not too seizure-inducing.

"Sand & Stars" was made with piles of soil/dirt on a lightbox. The goal was to get some interesting transitions by adding and removing material. I also did all of the sound myself, foley-style, by wandering around my apartment with a recorder.

"Product Design" was for a replacement-animation assignment, where the goal was to constantly switch out objects and backgrounds between frames. I decided to tell a chicken-and-egg story of pencils and books. Also, those are not Scrabble tiles, they are Bananagram tiles. Big difference.

"That Sucks" is the tale of a puppet trying to vacuum. He doesn't have a hideous spine-injury... he's just fat. This project taught me that I hate building and animating armatures.

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