Sunday, May 29, 2011

Valentine's Day and Fish

While cleaning and organizing piles of notebooks in my room, I'm discovering lots of doodles and sketches that I completely forgot about. I figured I'd post some of them here!

Here are some drawings from when I went to Dr. Sketchy's in Philadelphia with my friend Marissa. All of the poses were "Anti-Valentine's Day" themed. For one contest, the model sat on a couch while holding a stick, and we were supposed to draw something depicting "the one that got away." Because I am a crazy person, this immediately made me think of fishing.

For another pose, the contest was for "true love lost." The model looked really uncomfortable leaning on the armrest of that couch.

I didn't win any of the contests, but I did have fun turning my figure drawings into silly jokes. We also did lots of quicker drawings, so here are a few. I didn't have time to add fish to these.

Anyway, as I continue digging through my notebooks, I plan on posting more often than I have in the past. I'm finding a lot of half-finished comic strips, some of which have no punchline, and others of which are only punchline with no set-up. But they do make me laugh, mostly because I have no idea what I was thinking about when doodling them in the first place.

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