Monday, April 25, 2011

Fun and Games for After Someone Loses an Eye

Find That Eye!
This is the first game you’ll want to play. Divide into two groups: one team searches for the missing eye, the other team drives the now one-eyed player to the hospital. The first team to achieve their goal wins! (Note: even if the search team wins, you may want to continue playing until the hospital team is finished as well.)

A new twist on an old classic! One player hides the loose eye and gives clues based on what it can “see” from its resting place. The first player to find the eye wins! Give the one-eyed player a head-start, because he has a disadvantage. Also give the one-eyed player a monocle. It probably won't help him to play, but he deserves it for being a good sport.

This is a great way to amuse friends, family, and any doctors you encounter while at the hospital during the “Find That Eye” game. Hold the loose eye in your hand, lift it to your face, and then pretend to sneeze so hard that your eye pops out! Alternate game if you are the one-eyed player: hold the loose eye in your hand, lift it to your face, and then pretend to yawn so hard that your eye pops back in.

This game is only playable if you’re a certified sorcerer. If you are, use the eye as an ingredient in your cauldron, and have fun hexing those who have wronged you! If you are not, then you really should get certified—I know that membership is expensive, but the benefits are well worth it. And make sure to mention my name so that I get a referral bonus.

Eye-Spy: Extreme Edition!
This game is only playable if the one-eyed player can still remotely see through his loose eye, and can also use deep concentration to make it roll around. Initial set-up involves finding a wealthy businessman and distracting him while someone slips the loose eye in his pocket (suggestion for a possible distraction: have the one-eyed person scream at him to call 911 due to his missing eye). After the eye has been placed in the pocket, play one of these other games while you wait for the businessman to arrive home. Once he does, the one-eyed player should mentally maneuver his loose eye to a good vantage point, and use his remote-viewing to spy on the businessman. Eventually, the businessman will be seen doing something unsavory. Whichever player blackmails him for the most money, wins!

This game is only playable if peering through the back of the loose eye causes it to function as a sort of otherworldly looking glass which reveals the future of the area within its view. If it does this, travel the world and use the eye to solve crimes before they happen, becoming an international hero in the process. After several years of doing this, become bored with the fact that your future holds no surprises, and, against your better judgment, stare through the eye while looking in a mirror. Upon seeing your own corpse in the reflection, become obsessed with preventing your own death.

Alienate your friends and family as you begin looking through the eye at all times. Crossing the street one day, you are so distracted by what the eye sees in the future that you don’t notice the bus speeding towards you in the present. As you are run over, the last thing that you see before losing consciousness is the loose eye slowly rolling into the distance.

After you recover from your injuries, sue the bus company and use the settlement money to buy a speedboat. You win!

With or without eyes, this is just a fun game in general.

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