Thursday, April 7, 2011

Senior Project: Got To Admit, It's Getting Beta

I haven't mentioned my senior project in a while, but here's a quick update. If you don't remember, I'm designing "intelligent cameras": Basically, you'll have a 3D virtual environment where different events are occurring. These cameras will automatically respond to the events and film them in a cinematic style (with well-chosen shots, cuts, etc). Eventually you should be able to export the created videos, so the cameras will essentially be making "virtual documentaries" of the 3D world.

Here's a video of my progress so far: the cameras are filming a ball rolling down a hill (showcasing cutting), a ball in a pachinko machine (showcasing tracking in a complex environment), and a dialogue scene (showcasing different responses to different types of events). There is no sound, so find a friend: the two of you can improvise the dialogue yourself.

If you want to see more (or stay up to date), you can follow my senior design blog. Don't know anything (or care) about programming? No problem! The blog features lots of videos, jokes, and a few drawings of people being frightened by skeletons.

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