Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wal-Mart Rap

Wal-Mart! It's a store that sells lots of things, including food, electronics, and shame. Here are more jokes about it, in rap-form. I was the art director of this music video, and I illustrated all of the cartoons. I also animated the scene where the hero is on his knees shouting "WHY?", the section, the back-to-school shopping, the frozen foods, the car acting weird, the auto department, the fat guy and obese lady lookin' for pies, and the final 12-items-or-less scene.

And since I drew everything, expect lots of little references to Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, Seinfeld, Community, "Putt-Putt Saves The Zoo," and more. It's probably worth watching in HD to catch everything.

You're too lazy to watch in full-screen HD and pause every few seconds, aren't you? Thought so. To save you the trouble, here are all of the DVDs.

There are more gags in the frozen food aisle as well. I could probably make some kind of freeze-frame joke here, but I can't think of anything. It's cool though. Chill out.

Other stuff that you probably missed: the elderly greeter's pins, the impulse buyer bill, and the signs in the auto department. But I'm not going to post more screenshots, so go watch it again.

Other stuff that you definitely missed, because they're covered up by other things: the CD album covers in the back are "Can I Borrow A Feeling?" from The Simpsons (you can make out the edge of Kirk's head), a Driveshaft CD from Lost (you can make out the edge of the four-toed foot), and something called "Are Boy Bands Still Cool?" because I honestly didn't know; the underwear rack features Arrested Development cutoffs with a sign that says "Dozens available. Dozens!"; the backpacks rack in the back-to-school shopping section features Backpack from Dora The Explorer.

And more jokes! Yes, definitely more. Jokes that you'll have to find yourself.

First person to mail me a letter listing every joke in the movie gets a prize.

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